The Graveyard of Roslar’s Coffer

I’ve been running a Tyrant’s Grasp AP and our fearless heroes are currently exploring the ruins of their former home.  They head to the towns graveyard which was alive with activity.

They encountered a golem made up of the graves and bones of former townsfolk. This was one of my favorite older Reaper Bones minis that I never had a reason to paint, paired with the graveyard building and fencing from the recent Bones kickstarter. This was the perfect opportunity! Additionally, appearing in a staring role in the graveyard was a grave mimic from Galladoria Games. Their Rise of the Mimics kickstarters are amazing!

The Dark Crypt Fog Monster from Real Game FX put down some nice atmosphere even in a large gaming hall with a lot of air circulation. I modified the crypt a bit with some Gorilla tape to block 3/4 windows on the crypt to direct all the fog forward. While I’ve used the normal fog monster before in my build for the Guantlet, this was the first time with the Dark Crypt. Based on reviews I’d seen online it had a tendency to “spit” and have have water collect outside so I used a vinyl ground mat for water proofing. 20/20, it was a good thing, there was definitely a good size pool in front of the tower after it ran for 20 minutes.

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