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Building Pathfinder’s “The Gauntlet”, Part 5

Continuing the series of building Paizo’s Pathfinder Module “The Gauntlet”:

The journey continues…

Last week I was able to finish off room 9, and I absolutely love the Realm of the Mountain King set from Fat Dragon Games. The dwarven to cavern conversion pieces came from the Busy Little Dwarves set on drivethruRPG.



Was also able to finish off room 8 shown here with room 9 already attached:


Finally, with some pointers from the folks in the fat dragon forum I embarked on my first (minor) edits to a 3D model. Using the 3D Builder program, I was able to remove the demon face from the wall and hollow out the mouth. Enlarging in Cura is easy to get the mouth to hold a 1/2 inch OD tube. Success!




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